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Could Your Next Car Be Solar Powered?

Posted 29 July 14 under Blog

by Ian Edwards “Scotty, I’m taking the solar-powered car for a spin.” That’s something you’ve probably never heard on Star Trek. Or anywhere for that matter. A solar-powered car may […]

Matt Rogers, at the front of Brightergy's new 14,000 square foot warehouse

Meet Matt Rogers, Warehouse Manager

Posted 30 January 14 under Blog

  by Rachel Simmons Our office in Kansas City is quiet. Its own kind of quiet – not library quiet, not mornings-spent-at-home quiet.  At times, it can be pin-drop quiet, […]

Brightergy KC Development Specialist Andrew Tate

BrighterFaces: Meet Andrew Tate

Posted 19 September 13 under Blog

1. What’s your position with Brightergy? How long have you been working here? Business Development Specialist; 3 months. 2. Where are you from/where did you grow up? What’s your background […]

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